Irly Bird STEM Series

The Irly S.T.E.M. reading series helps educators expose, inspire & engage students preparing for future S.T.E.M. careers,

such as:



• Astronomer

• Chemist

• Health & Safety Engineer

• Veterinarian



• Computer Coding

• Robot Builder




• Aerospace Engineer

• Architect

• Mechanical Engineer

• Solar Power Engineer

• Wind Power Engineer




• Mathematician/Math-O-Magician

The Irly S.T.E.M. Reading Series is designed to broaden early exposure of students to the career fields of Science, Technology, Engineering & Math.

The series helps to reduce the barriers to S.T.E.M. careers and build awareness for children at the Kindergarten & Elementary school levels.

Join Irly and his friends as they explore the world of reading and learning in the Big Hen Pen.